Make your face clean within 2 minutes

Your face may see dry and rough, but there a great home made remedies for this problem. You can use one of the best natural self made technique to make you face clean and increase its brightness as well.
You will need:

  1. 1 Lemon
  2. 1spoon Salt
  3. 1 spoon Honey
  4. 5-10 spoon Rice Flour


Cut down the lemons in two half. And put some salt on that cutted piece of lemon. Now, gently rub all the lemons in your face for a some time (like 2-3 minutes).

Now, mix all the honey with rice flour and then mix all the juice of lemons to the flour. If needed you can add little water too.

Now paste all the second steps to your face, hope it will covers almost all part of face. And leave the face for sometime, until that paste becames dry. After some time of that clean your face only with water.
You will feel far better and beauty than previous time. 

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