4 ways Save your Make up from sweat in Summer

You may tried of your make uo cause your makeup gets rough at summer due to sweat. And you will face problem like saving your face from sun or dirty make up due to sweat.
So, what should you do to keep your makeup running cool in summer time also.

1.Good Base

Use premier before makeup. It will really save your makeup from sweat. Due to use of premier your makeuo will run water proof. Only use water proof premier in this case.
2. Oil Control Facewash

Using oil control facewash will make your face look clean and it will reduce the oil amount in your face as well. Use of oil control facewash will prevent T-Zone oil, result your face makeup will remain good.
3. Ice cube

Using ice cube will also help you. Rub ice cube in a circular way in your face and leave it for some time to dry. Now, you can start your makeup.

4. Setting Spray

Using of setting spary before makeup is good start and base as well. It will clean your face and prevent oil or sweat to come in your face.

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